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The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, autonomous robotics, 3D printing, as well as virtual & augmented reality are converging in new and exciting ways. Blockchains in particular, will become the decentralised data and asset management layer that links the data and value from these technologies, ushering in the era of blockchain-enabled convergence. Convergence is not a process that will happen immediately, nor be a simple and linear progression. Trends will combine at different speeds based on technical limitations, political and social barriers, as well as commercial considerations. Strange Spark offers consulting, development, guidance and assistance on the transition to the future of business technologies.

Consulting and Advice

Future-proof your business by using blockchain and machine learning, right from the start.

Optimize your company

Our services help your company to optimize every organizational aspect, so that you can focus on what really matters.

Smart Contracts Development

We offer design and develop the smart contracts required from your specific business case!

What we do

Strange Spark offers advices on how to start or turn your business into the new era of
business technologies


The global trust network

Blockchains and decentralized technologies provide the missing link in the existing Internet infrastructure: A global trust network for exchanging value and asset ownership.

Join the Sharing Economy

Blockchain-enabled convergence allows the seamless peerto- peer exchange of assets and value reducing the need for trust brokers in the middle of a market extracting economic rent.

Globaling Data Access

A decentralized data marketplace creates an economic mechanism for individuals and organisations to buy and sell data, reducing the incentive to hoard valuable unused data and remunerating the creators of data not just the processors.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Strange Spark provides consulting, development and training to turn your business into a DAO. It enables decentralized governance, voting, payments and project coordination suitable for agile decentralized start-ups.

Our portfolio

We have bulit an ecosystems of game-changing technologies and business models

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